The hedgehogs

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an image of a cartoon character in front of a red background with the words sonic on it
infront of your door
(1) infront of your door on Tumblr
an anime character with many different expressions on her face and hands in front of them
a drawing of a sonic the hedgehog with blue hair and an orange shirt on
shadow the hedgehog is holding his hand up
an image of a cartoon character holding something in his hand
de enemigos a pareja(sonadow)
a drawing of a sonic the hedge running through a field with flowers in the background
Sonic 소닉 더 헤지혹
sonic the hedge is sitting on top of a box with his hands in his mouth
a drawing of two people hugging each other on a black background and one person is holding the dog
a cartoon character surrounded by leaves and flowers in the air with eyes wide open, looking up at something
an image of some cartoon characters playing in the game pokemon and mega man on nintendo wii
sonic the hedgehog is smiling for the camera
an image of a cartoon character in the middle of flowers and plants on a blue background
an animated character holding a flower in front of a blue light with its mouth open
KNOCK KNOCK by BlazeTBW on DeviantArt