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an empty room with white curtains hanging from the ceiling and a table in front of it
Inside the new Menu Space, Copenhagen by Norm Architects - cate st hill
a person holding up a piece of paper with black and white images on the side
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an empty room with several pieces of clothing hanging from the ceiling
On The Art of Fashion. Installing Allusions
on the art of fashion. installing allusions
a man sitting on a chair in front of a curtained room with a couch
Bresic Whitney Darlinghurst
Bresic Whitney Darlinghurst
a woman with a black box on her head walking in front of a white wall
Venice Biennale 2012: Common Ground
two people looking at paintings on the wall
a person walking down a long hallway with pictures on the wall and floor in front of them
Cadaval & Solà-Morales: exhibition design
a yellow room with three chairs and a table on the floor in front of it
Pico's Grill. Interiorismo Restaurante | Piedra Papel Tijera Interiorismo
an art gallery with various colored walls and furniture in it's display area, including a yellow chair
Envisions hold exhibition at Plymouth College of Art displaying "authenticity, professionalism and wit"
two white boards with pictures on them in front of a glass wall and bookshelf
a room filled with lots of furniture and chandelier hanging from it's walls
Clever exhibition display by Labyrinthe Interiors
Clever display of their chandeliers by Labyrinthe Interiors. Photo © AXT Magazine #exhibition #display #interiors #homedecor #design #interiordesign #interiores #standexhibition #exhibitiondsign #boothdesign