Debbies summer gift. Chickens n hens in a shoe

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Succulent path

Can you tell I am addicted to succulents?

Can't get enough of them, and no garden is complete without a few,(or who am I kidding, ... dozens), of succulents, as well as some complementary bromeliads such as Dyckias and Aechmea recurvata cultivars that can handle full hot sun. Again, even if nothing ever bloomed here, the color contrasts and variations on a theme complement each other. Echeverias, Sedums, Aloes, I could actually design a garden only using these 3 plant groups, but not being a real minimalist, I've never tried such a…

Succulent Cafe Oceanside via Needles + Leaves

Succulent Cafe Oceanside: A Living Masterpiece — Needles + Leaves

Coffee and succulents are two of my favorite things, so when Krista told me about the new Succulent Cafe in Oceanside, I almost exploded with excitement! The cafe is located at 322 North Cleveland Street in a courtyard adjacent to Apotheque Lifestyle Spa . You know you've arrived when y

Wooden box with succulents for indoors

6 Useful Tips For Any Landscape Design – Home Dcorz

Looks like great day at the Beach! Pottery shards, beach glass, nature finds...

beach treasures

still get a thrill from finding an interesting piece of pottery, tumbled glass, plastic and fabric altered by it's time and journey in the ocean ... Love Stitching Red and Carolyn Saxby - Mixed Media Textile Art

Sempervivum succulents planted in terracotta brick

Brick used as planter for sempervivums | Plant & Flower Stock Photography:

Sempervivum succulents planted in terracott brick as pot container garden

Pictures of Succulent Plants in Pots: Hens and Chicks Strut Their Stuff in Pink Stilettos

Discover Unique and Creative Succulent Container Ideas for Your Garden

Pictures of Succulent Plants in Pots: Hens and Chicks Strut Their Stuff in Pink Stilettos

Tips for planting a succulent strawberry jar

Lawn & Garden Ideas & DIY Projects

Follow these tips and guides from Lowe’s to help with your lawn & garden DIY projects for your home

Sedum 'Purple Emperor' for 1' border with succulents

10 Top Succulent Plants for the Midwest

Succulents are easy to grow, stingy with water and rich in texture and shape. Here are 10 of our top choices for sedums and other hardy succulents that thrive in the Midwest.