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Демонстрационный материал Дикие животные, Животные наших лесов

Демонстрационный материал Дикие животные, Животные наших лесов


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Animals - Forest and Woodland clip art set from Charlotte's Clips.  54 piece set includes color and line art for bears, chipmunk, deer, wolves, foxes, ducks, rabbits, groundhog, squirrels, hedgehog, badger, raccoon, woodpeckers, skunk, grass, mushrooms, acorn.  Great for fall themes such as animals preparing for winter, hibernation, habitats, biomes, food chain and much more...high quality and low price makes this a great set for autumn.

Animals - Forest and Woodland Clip Art by Charlotte's Clips

This 54 pieces Forest Animals clip art set is great for themes such as habitats, literature - stories, hibernation, fall themes, and much much more.


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