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Eliška Šufliarska

Eliška Šufliarska
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Patterns in Nature ~ a mushroom coral photo by Wolfgang Seifarth,

Here in this picture I can really feel what the cracked wall feels like. The texture is all cracked and hard. Texture is the surface quality or feel of an object,roughness,smooth,soft etc.

(texture idea for walls/art work) texture- this shows texture by making the sand in big bulges. it also could be seen as ripples through water flowing into the middle of the artwork. it also gives a bit of movement into the center.


Macro-photograph of mushroom gills! 'Fungi Lepiota procera' by German photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch Gelatin silver print. via the Met, NYC

Natural pool

Never House Pamukkale Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. It is located.

micrograph of leaf veins

Fractal symmetry patterns in nature, micrograph of leaf veins

Art in Nature - natural sea coral with beautiful rippling textures; organic inspirations for design I love the layering and texture in these corals- reminds me of mushroom etchings i have already produced.


I count the cracks time made in me

Natural Wood with grey textures; organic forms; woodgrain; line patterns in nature

Natural wood with grey textures. Mesmerising display of organic forms and lines in nature. Rogerseller Natural Elements - Inspired by Nature.

Blaue Muscheln haben sich schick in Schale geworfen #blueshells #blueinspiration #inspirationblau

We love the natural beauty of these pretty blue and white shells.