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two children are playing on the cardboard ramp
a woman holding up a small model rocket with a yellow tip on it's end
DIY – BhoomPlay
blow off the rocket!
many different types of feathers and shells on a table
nature swap
nature swap - exchange nature collection with someone living far away.
four pictures of plants growing in the window sill, and then being grown into seed germins
The Pea Plant Experiment
a wooden calendar with different colored papers on it
Christmas Holiday Activity Calendar
two white dices with black letters on them
Barbara's Thought of the Day
Draw the line you throw!
a red wallet is open on the floor with several cards and credit cards in it
a purse for younger one
two young boys playing in cardboard boats on the floor with an open sailboat behind them
What's In A Box?
must finish our ship....
there are many fake faces on the tray with words making faces magnets in front of them
Making Faces Magnets
Making Faces Magnets
the story cubes are in front of an orange box with white letters on it
Around Here Lately {Story Cubes}
Story Cubes - looks good!
two small gnomes are sitting on tree branches
How to make Gnomes out of Sticks
How to make Gnomes out of Sticks
four orange and purple eggs with words on them
fun reading, for travels as well
a black and white photo of a person reaching for something in the ground with their hand
make fairy hoax photos
fairy hoax photos
two children's hand reaching for paper cups with pictures on them
Changing Faces - Toilet Roll Dolls
emotional dolls - changing faces