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what supplements do you take post workout? Here are the 3 Must haves! Read the article for the list and benefits of each! #nutrition #postworkout

post-workout-food-choices- Personally, I think Gatorade and a banana is one of the best post workout snacks. I tend to be less sore when I have a banana after a weight session.

Best Abdominal Exercises For Women To Lose Belly Fat Fast | Upper  Lower Ab Workouts For Women

The supposed Bruce Lee ab workout. I would add the "Bruce Lee" level to sets at the bottom, pumping it up to 9 sets. Also a "Beginner" level of 10 reps each for one set.

Amazing abs in 8 minutes a day with this plank challenge! #abworkout

This amazing ab 8 minutes a day plank challenge will get you firm and fabulous in no time, try this quick workout today!

Core work is crucial for stability of the   spine. If you're a beginner - cut the times in half, or start out with :15 per   exercise.

Printable Workout to Customize and Print: Ultimate At-Home No Equipment Printable Workout Routine for Men and Women 2468 363 2 Helen Hanson Stitt Fitness InStyle-Decor Hollywood love it (Fitness Challenge For Women)

Advance your plank!!   Technique tip: in the photo her planted heel sit back quite far, for better engagement set that plant foot to visually be more vertical, bringing your body weight more toward your toes rather than sitting back on the ball of your foot... Huge difference! Trainer In PINK

Get a sexier hour glass body with these 12 plank exercises that will tighten, tone, and taper your core. {Plank you very much}