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wooden wall hangings decorated with flowers and mountains on wood planks are featured in an instagram
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Amazing Wood Art
a wooden sign with words written on it next to a twig and tree branch
DIY – Calendrier anniversaire
DIY – Calendrier anniversaire – Chère Gemme,
a wooden sign with clothes pins attached to it and a potted plant next to it
46 Eye-Catching Birthday Boards For Your Classroom - Teaching Expertise
a family sign hanging on a wall with clothes pins
Family Celebration Board
I used some inexpensive lath boards, some clothespins and jute twine to create this colorful Family Celebration Board. My husband assembled the 48inch long lath boards and glued them together before nailing them together with cross-boards made of more lath. Next, I stained them with some antique wax. While that dried, I laid out paper the same size as the board, and mapped out all of the birthdays and anniversaries. This took a while! This family has seven kids, all of them mar…
a wooden cutting board with bees on it and the words oh honey written in cursive writing
Oh honey...
a wooden cutting board with an intricate design on the front and back side, sitting on a white surface
How to transfer a design onto a wood slice without heat.