Elisabeth Weiner
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This Noam Carver engagement ring in rose gold is the perfect start to a beautiful marriage. Noam Carver model# B095-02R http://noamcarver.com/details.asp?SKU=B095-02WM-100A

Edwardian twin-stone pear-shape diamond ring.

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Strawberry Lemonade concentrate, can sub mango. Strawberry + Watermelon, peach, etc etc. Probably half the sugar.

I have one similar to this with sapphires and diamonds. This is also lovely

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold with Rose Gold Trim. Love that it is a triple-braided cord like Ecc 4:12 it says "A triple braided cord is not easily broken"

A wise woman once told me, on your fingers diamonds can never be too big. Tiffany and Co Kunzite and Diamond ring. #jewelry #jewellery Tiffany

wedding band

<3 This would go great for my dress for the spring dance.