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Summer photo inspo
a white sink sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a bathtub and window
a wooden table with a clock, mug and book on it next to a chair
a bed with white sheets and pillows on top of it, next to a wooden tray
Insta & Tiktok: beckymaelee
two coffee mugs sitting on top of a glass table
Djerf Avenue mugs 🤍
Djerf Avenue mugs woth the summer berries print from the Djerf Avenue Beauty pop up in new york!! #djerfavenue #djerfavenuebeauty #summerberried #coffeemugs #homedecor #coffeegirl #softaesthetic #matildadjerf #strawberries #blueberries #strawberrygirl #itgirl #itgirlaesthetic #cleangirl #cleangirlaesthetic #stockholmstyle
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other in front of a bowl of oatmeal
Jellycat Breakfast Perfection
Wake up and smell that Jellycat coffee! Amuseable Coffee Bean + Amuseable Coffee Cup + Amuseable Oats = breakfast perfection and a very good morning!
two jars of peanut butter next to a coffee maker
coffee inspo
a wooden table topped with a cupcake next to a white vase filled with flowers
Instagram: simplyela
Coffee, latte, iced latte, aesthetic glass