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a purple background with the words page on it
lily the dragon.pdf
a quilted christmas ornament hanging from a tree
Quilted Gnome Mug Rug Pattern
Quilted Gnome Mug Rug Pattern – Quilting
three pieces of fabric are placed on top of each other in the shape of squares and rectangles
a quilted cross on top of a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
Finished Block 32 of #100quiltblocksin100days I think this block was a ‘must do’ as a companion to my church ⛪ block - see Block 9. .. I…
three orange peels are shown in four different shapes and sizes, with the words orange peel
Brimfield Block Pattern, Templates, Papers PREsale • Brimfield Awakening
Friday afternoon (tomorrow) we will make our Brimfield Block pattern, acrylic templates and paper pieces available for PREsale. We want to debut the quilt at International Quilt Market in Houston a…
a piece of fabric with flowers on it sitting on top of a white table cloth
I’ve decided on a background. Now to turn on Netflix and appliqué #itsagoodday #brimfieldblock #brimfieldawakening
the block is made up of black, white and red squares with circles on them
Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt
Here it is! My collection of black and white fabrics is now a Disappearing 9 Patch quilt! To tell you the truth, I wasn't crazy about the b...
four different types of calligraphys with the names and numbers in each letter on them
From My Sketch Book...
a piece of fabric is laying on the table
Patchsmith Sampler Blocks
On this page you will find every block from The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks book. If you click on a block photo it will take...