Europe / It is what it is 😌
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I never realized how much this actually applies to me until now. I had an ex boyfriend who swore he loved me better without makeup, then dumped me for "letting myself (aka appearance) go")))) further examples of everyday sexism.


*slow clap*<< you are a legend my friend. THAT IS EXTREME!>>>i taught you so well :')>>>>Hannah Facteau: I just punched my brothers friend in the face cause she was about to take down my Zayn poster 😂 I don't regret it

I want this to happen to me.

Next time I'm going to Starbucks, I'm gonna say my name is Georgia Rose. But knowing my luck, no one will get the reference.


Ha me my gr 8 year hahaha we did a project on forien bands. I was crazed by and I looked at them and said no. I ended up doing the project alone and got an A for it

Oh my god

Niall & Ashton Irwin from brothers last name is irwin.and ashostons last name is irwin.and he knows and niall are practically married

What are we, 12 year old girls? But I have to say this was pretty hilarious.

Forever Repinning

Notice how all of Louis's are things that can be destructive>>> I feel ya Louis, I feel ya<<<< Did anybody notice that Liam underlined four?