Raine Sarkisian

Raine Sarkisian

Raine Sarkisian
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“Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new. ” blatantly using the excuse of testing new software to draw a crappy poster for this amazing video + song

mine Fanart oh well glg stefanie scott kelsey chow girls like girls hayley kiyoko i'm late to the party though i know everyone has already done a ton of fanart

Lip Service - Black Board, pin up, Greg Hildebrandt

Lip Service by Greg Hildebrandt Greg Hildebrandt decided upon a combination of beautiful women and richly detailed backgrounds to help create an atmosphere and a story that are not often seen in the world of pin-up illustration.

John Buckland-Wright

Would like this without the see through outfit, and with her holding a torch. A version of Hero from the Greek myth Hero and Leander.