Miroslava Martinkova

Miroslava Martinkova

Miroslava Martinkova
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Tento starý recept je naozajstný zázrak. Zbaví vás problémov s kĺbmi za jeden deň | Báječné Ženy

If you suffer from painful joints, then you should read on and discover the best remedy for this problem. It's easy to make and only needs 3 ingredients.

Воздушные клюквенные веночки

Red filling in bread wreaths- this looks like currants, but cranberries would work, too. Great idea for Christmas time/gifts.

Antipasto skewers = easiest appetizer EVER.

Antipasto skewers = easiest appetizer EVER. Currently I’m sitting on the train, zipping my way towards Manhattan, and dreaming about the bagel I’m going to devour when I get there. After binge watching the first two seasons of Mozart in the jungle

I'm always on the lookout for good macaron flavor combinations.  When I was in Pittsburgh last week, I stopped and got three new macarons:  white chocolate basil, peach violet, and earl grey. The white chocolate  basil was very interesting, but I'm not sure if I need to ever eat one  again. Pea

Vegan French Macarons: Earl Grey & Lemon Macarons are my favourite and the fact that these are vegan makes me love them even more!