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four paper plates with music notes on them are displayed in front of a bulletin board
As I was walking through the hall today, I saw this hanging outside one of the first grade classrooms! My school is a STEAM (Scien...
two pictures of butterflies and feathers on a paper plate with the words, stay at home teacher
Bugs and Butterfies Theme Preschool Activities - Stay at Home Educator
3D life cycle of a butterfly craft - Stay At Home Educator
a board game with words and pictures on it
With This Board Game, Learners Will Prac - maallure
With this board game, learners will practise using frequency adverbs and expressions (Present simple) in an enjoyable way. Every square provides a picture clue (or some words). Every time a correct answer is given, the game can be used as a communicative activity whereby players ask each follow-up questions. Let´s make learning fun! - ESL worksheets board game http://xboxpsp.com/ppost/92886811044497983/
a card with a paper flower on it
Spring Flower Craft
Spring Flower Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers