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the outside of a restaurant with tables and stools in it's window display
La Molanta restaurant by Frederic Perers, Barcelona – Spain
a blue and white striped awning on the front of a store with potted plants
Inside the New Draper James Lexington Store
Inside the New Draper James Lexington StoreDraper James Blog
a store front with lights on the side of it's door and windows lit up at night
Lycka ヘアーサロン [恵比寿] 店舗デザイン.COM
a small white building with blue doors and windows
two women are walking in front of a building with wooden slats on the outside
Insight Academy Interior Design | VMDPE Design - The Architects Diary
a room with wood floors and green wallpaper on the walls, along with a large mirror
Herringbone Hack
the hallway is lined with wooden panels and black lights on either side of the door
300 COLLINS — 2id Interiors
a pharmacy building with green lettering on the front
Proyectos - Tecnyfarma
Farmacia Bourdon. Bruselas – Bélgica
the inside of a store with many bottles on shelves and plants in vases next to it
THE WELL, MANHATTAN, NY – Rose Ink Workshop
an empty street with cars parked on the side of it and a store front at night
Farmacia Sanchis by d’Estudio, Ribarroja del Turia – Spain
» Farmacia Sanchis by d’Estudio, Ribarroja del Turia – Spain
people sitting at tables in front of starbucks's on the corner of a street
If police lie about a tampon in a coffee, how can we trust them on anything? | Arwa Mahdawi