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a drawing of a brown rabbit sitting on top of a white ground next to a wall
Hare, 1528 - Alberto Durero -
Hare - Alberto Durero
an old drawing of jesus in the midst of people
Propaganda Fide
propaganda-fide: “ This day the day of Pentecost is fully come, alleluia. This day the Holy Ghost appeared in fire unto the disciples, and gave unto them gifts of grace. He sent them into all the world, to preach and to testify that he who believeth,...
an image of jesus on the cross surrounded by other people and angels in a painting
Resurrection of Jesus - Wikipedia
Resurrección de Cristo Rottenhammer
the painting shows two men in front of an angel
Nec Spe, Nec Metu
El bautismo de Cristo. 1580 Jacopo Robusti (Il Tintoretto)
a painting of jesus carrying the cross
"Cristo abrazado a la Cruz". Obra de El Greco, de los años 1598-1602. Mide 115 x 80 cm y esta realizada al óleo sobre lienzo. Se encuentra en el Museo Nacional del Prado,Madrid, España.
the birth of jesus with angels and other figures around him, painted by an unknown artist
Jacopo Pontormo. El descendimiento. Manierismo.
a painting on the side of a building
"Descenso de Cristo en El Limbo". De Agnolo Bronzino. Data de 1552 y se encuentra en la Basílica de Santa Croce, Florencia.
an image of jesus on the cross surrounded by other people
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"La Resurrección de Cristo". El Greco posterior a 1590, realizada al óleo sobre lienzo y con unas dimensiones de 275 x 127 cm. Se encuentra en el Museo Nacional del Prado en España.