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an old book with drawings on it and some type of object in the middle one
The art of the Cochno Stone part 1
an image of a sun on a rock
Predating the New Mexican flag, this sun, according to one source, is a symbol of happiness that appears in the iconography of a number of Native American cultures. I think it's from the historical period as is the handprint to the right. members of the southern plains nations seem to have painted it over what appears to be prehistoric horned dancing figures. (I should probably look at my notes again). As is the case of many historical paintings in Pecos River region, the artist was probably not
a black and white drawing of a person jumping up into the air
Petroglyph from Tamgaly
an old black and white drawing of native art, including symbols from the people's nations
Kyrgyzstan's Petroglyphs #2 - Inner Tien Shan and Osh