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a drawing of a vegetable garden with lots of different plants and vegetables on it's sides
Efficient Keyhole Gardening!
an image of a maze in the shape of a circle
the interactive map and database of the Worldwide Permaculture Network
a poster showing the number of fruits and vegetables that are in different languages, with an image of a woman holding a megaphone
a small pond surrounded by rocks and grass
How to Build a Frog Pond in Your Backyard
an illustration of a pond surrounded by grass and rocks with yellow flowers in the background
How to build and care for your wildlife pond
the diagram shows how many different plants are growing
Permaculture Tip of the Day – Double The Yield
four different views of farm land with animals and birds on them, from an old book
the diagram shows how water is stored in different sections and where it can be used for drainage
SWALES – Permaculture Food Forest
some plants that are growing in the dirt and on the ground with text overlaying them
The Only Weedy Plant Identification Guide You'll Ever Need
We get it. Weeds are obnoxious and hard to eliminate. Use our guide to identify the common varieties and know how to remove them safely. Need help now? See our video on how to control weeds in the garden. /