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the sky is filled with purple and white clouds
a glass lamp with pink roses on the base and a white fabric lampshade
DIY: T Shirt Roses Lampshade - video tutorial.
there is a key holder with keys on it and two keys attached to the hooks
DIY key holder. This is seriously so fabulous
a white frame with two keys hanging on it
DIY Frame Key Holder
Craft site with tons of ideas. DIY Frame Key Holder
the instructions for how to tie a skirt around your waist and bottom, but without any bra
DIY draped skirt!
the back of a pink shirt with a heart drawn on it's chest and in front of a white wall
DIY t-shirt
a woman standing in front of a white wall wearing a black shirt and grey skirt
This is DIY!
a white driftwood candle holder with five candles on it and some pears in the background
Beach-House Essentials That Work Year-Round
driftwood candle holder. I think this could totally be a DIY project.
lace in jewelry Craft Accessories, Fabric Stiffener, Lace Crafts, Lace Necklace, Lace Jewelry, Lace Doilies, Diy Schmuck, Bijoux Diy, Fabric Jewelry
Dishfunctional Designs
lace in jewelry
Toes. Cute! Toe Nail Designs, Colourful Nail, Toe Nail Art, Unghie Nail Art, Colorful Nail, Cute Toe Nails, Get Nails, I Love Nails, Cute Nail Designs
Toes. Cute!
the sun is setting over some clouds
F&O Fabforgottennobility
Clouds and light