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some ornaments are hanging on a branch and hung from the wall with ribbon around them
Wohndeko - Etsy.de
Fensterdeko ~ Herbst ~ von Euli & Co auf DaWanda.com
a clock with green hearts hanging from it's sides on a wall next to flowers
Wohndeko - Etsy.de
Fensterdeko ♥ ... Herz, Kränzlein, Grün, Vögelchen und Bänder ... ♥ ♥ ... Unikat - geliefert wird abgebildeter Artikel ... ♥ **Breite: 30cm, Herz: 10x7cm, längste Länge ab Ast:...
a bunch of yellow flowers are hanging on a white door with an old fashioned hook
TRỒNG HOA, chậu trồng hoa, cách làm sáng tạo chậu hoa
This hanging vase can work out with small garden :) Very simple to make, hope u guys like this #garden #flowers
a heart shaped wreath on top of a wooden table
Tee itse villiviinikranssi | Anna.fi
Instant beauty: vines, linen string and a metallic heart decor