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Gary Bunt - My Old Back

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Gary Bunt | (04) The Old Farm Gate

Poppies in a cornfieldDaisies in the grassAn old man leansOn an old farm gateThinking how the Years have passed.

Gary Bunt | (49) The Anniversary Waltz

They\'ve been together for many yearsThere\'s been plenty of nagging and rowsThere\'s been so much loveThere\'s been cuddles and hugsThey\'ve stayed true to their marriage vows

Gary Bunt | (30) Time to Relax

Time to Relax - Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt | (40) Our Bed, We've been very good this morning, We've stayed here in our bed, We hope our mum will wake up soon,It's time that we were fed

Gary Bunt 2015 About Exhibition

The Mantelpiece. Naive Painting by English artist Gary Bunt

Santa Claus and a penguinStarted out as a toilet rollMen with dogs in terraced rowsThrough the snow they strollCamerer Cuss from LondonMakers of fine clocksLittle women singing songsTo a moose with stripey socks

Gary Bunt 2015

Gary Bunt - Dapping It was calm on the loch Against the boat the water was lapping And in the boat a man with his dog For salmon they were dapping