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two black and white panda bears playing with each other
Only about 1,000 #giantpandas left in the wild, and perhaps another 100 living in #zoos. Much of what we know about pandas comes from the observation of #SpecimensInCaptivity, as their cousins ​​of Chinese mountains are elusive and rarely seen.
a man with a hat and cane standing in the sand next to a tree stump
Ed Abbey was so wise.
a man in a canoe on a lake with the words nature cheaper than therapy
The original psychiatrist.
a white t - shirt that says radical civil disobedient solar powered laundry drying apparatuss
What, it's not like it's hot in Texas or anything...
there are many potted plants in the same photo, each with different shapes and sizes
Creative Planters
an image of a garden with the caption, it's not what you think
Down with St. Augustine!