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two pictures of children playing in the sand and one has a fake mountain on it
Speelplaats veilig, creatief en onderhoudsvriendelijk inrichten
Klimmuur door de juffen gemaakt op het schoolplein bij kleuterschool 't Grafiekje te Tongerlo. Deze klimwand heeft geen rubber ondergrond nodig omdat de onderste klimgrepen niet hoger dan 60 cm hangen.
an activity sheet for children to learn how to balance on their hands and feet, with pictures of people doing different activities
Yoga Tops
Partner Balances Could have a yoga class for students!
a cartoon character doing different poses for the same person to do something with each other
gymnastics partner balance activities
gymnastics partner balance activities - Equilibrios
three young children playing with a hula hoop
18 Outdoor Activities with Kids Perfect for Summer
I remember doing this as an ice breaker in 5th or 6th grade. It was so fun and you learned to trust other people. :)
a child is playing with purple paper on the floor in front of an emotictor
מוטוריקה עדינה, תכנון תנועה, ניתן לשלב עם חומר לימודי
two children are playing with an interactive game
Circuitos - Psicomotricidade
Ideias e modelos para montar circuitos na escola e trabalhar psicomotricidade Inscreva-se no canal: https://www.youtube...
three dices are on the ground in front of a rainbow colored mat with people standing around
Dice game 2 to 5 players First player that gets to the end of their lane wins 5 tickets. You must roll the same number of spaces you have left to win at the end of your lane. All players that don't win get 1 ticket.
the paper doll is designed to look like a soccer player's shirt and shorts
Soccer Player Finger Puppets
Soccer player finger puppets - such a cute idea, add a print out of a basic field and a tiny ball :)
four different views of the same object in black and white, including a ball on top of
Baixe gratuitamente cartões de movimentos corporais
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Winter Obstacle Course - Snow and Ice Theme Olympics Aesthetic, Winter Olympics Activities, Preschool Olympics, Ice Theme, Olympic Idea, Olympic Crafts, Olympics Activities, Winter Unit, Olympic Theme
Winter Obstacle Course - Snow and Ice Theme