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a wooden table sitting next to a white vase on top of a hard wood floor
3D Art, Abstract Wall Art, Modern Wall Art, Textured Art, Dimensional Wall Art, Textured Wall Art, Wood Oak Art, Dreamscape Textured Art,
Textured Wall Art, Brushed and Blasted Techniques using Chalk, Stone and Enamel. In photo: 18X60 in Aged Navy Can be customized in design, color and size. This piece can be customized easily to the size you need, but can also be customized to suite a color you envision. All textured pieces are trimmed in natural oak and comes with hanging hardware. Please reach out if you need a set instead of a single piece, and we can get you what you need. Created in a one woman shop in Central Texas. All cr
a living room filled with furniture and paintings
How to Decorate Using Artwork as the Focal Point
How to use artwork as a focal point. How to create a color scheme. Home art ideas. Oversized art. colorful art. abstract art. large art. where to hang art. home focal point ideas. Focal wall. Focal wall ideas. Apartment art. dorm art. diy wall art. mural wall art. trendy wall art.
a living room filled with furniture and a large painting hanging on the wall above it
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
52 West Japandi Fusion Living Room Designs You Need to See (Concept Interiors)
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a large painting on the wall
White & Wood Elegance: 12 Contemporary Living Room Interior Designs with White Walls & Wood Accents
a living room filled with furniture and large windows
Serge mouille taklampa
Serge mouille taklampa serge mouille taklampa har en tidlös design och är funktionell. Designern ville bryta stereotypen av traditionella italienska armaturer - tunga, så serge mouille-taklampan har en minimalistisk industriell charm som är populär runt om i världen. Serge mouille taklampa inkluderar serge mouille taklampa med 3 armar och serge mouille taklampa med 6 armar. Taklampan består av lackerade aluminiumarmar med guldkontakter och finns i svart eller vit finish. De långa armarna och de