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Nerozumiem, ako je to možné ale funguje to. Podržte ruky v tejto polohe a s vašim telom to urobí hotové zázraky. Mne to pomohlo v… | Báječné Ženy

Anjali mudra is but one of thousands of types of mudras that are used in Hindu rituals, classical dance, and yoga. Get more information here at Mudra Science.

Great tutorial on how to make the Macramé back top from Trash To Couture: Macramé Racerback from tshirts

DIY Macrame Back Tee Shirt Tutorial from Trash to Couture here. There is a link to a really good video on how to macrame the back that Trash to Couture made. From personal experience I find it better to err on the side of too long of strings/rope/tee mate