traditional slovak folk costume 20th century - Slovak ensemble (Metropolitan museum)

Wedding Ensemble traditional Slovak folk costume - century - Slovak ensemble (Metropolitan museum) - front view Medium: (a, b, c, e, f) cotton; (d) silk from met museum

National Slovak dance and costume

National Slovak dance and costume. Detva- my most favorite Slovak genre!


SLOVAK WEDDING KROJ woman folk costume SPIS blouse dress shawl ZDIAR ethnic art

Slovak Folk Embroidery

Slovak Folk Embroidery or Slovenská ľudová výšivka Traditional Slovak folk embroidery is a part of Slavic heritage and culture and now I would like to show you few examples, also you can read on the Slovak embroidery.

Slovak Republic

Albania { One Love to my Handsome son Miles J. Jackson } Black/Albanian of Largo Fla.

Traditional Slovak Doll

Traditional Slovak Doll