Divine little girl.  Mongolië

Another cute little Mongolian girl, could be one of the twins. I found so many photos of little Mongolia girls and they are all so cute!

Oh my stars! You can't take your eyes off of that Bunny and Barney for a minute, now can you? I wonder if they hijacked Rex to get to that wheelbarrow? He's usually very careful with his grounds equipment. I certainly hope that I'm that spry, chipper and in love when I'm their age ♥

Have fun together. Older couple having fun. I guess you are Never too old for a wheelbarrow ride in the garden!

Nyvall Photography - Little Eli Smiles Big

Cute kids - My goodness--how can one NOT smile when you see this adorable boy grinning? Nyvall Photography - Little Eli Smiles Big Laughter happiness


The Donkey that outsang Domingo: How Pollyanne was saved from the salami factory to star at the Royal Opera House~ Smile~~


My Picture of Heaven Sent Down To Earth. The closest thing to the love of God. is a Mothers love for her child.

This ancient lore, passed down from generation to generation: | 19 Jokes You Should Send To Your Mom Right Now

There is a legend that if you go take a shower and scrams out loud "MOM" three times, a nice lady appears bringing the towel you forgot. Umm bob does this everytime