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Water Fountain

Love the idea of making ornamental sculptures with rocks. DIY garden art - Use a masonry bit and drill on each stone, and then place a piece of rebar into the ground to slide the stones onto


Cool landscape idea for front yard. Dont cry over spilt milk.very cute front yard idea!

namolio.  pretty.

no patterns, but good pictures and cute ideas for crochet and linen sachets, needle books, pincushions, etc.

Fairy Garden designed by TheBurghBaby,

Plant a fairy garden in an old washtub, birdbath or wagon. On my to-do list- I've seen somewhere where they use recycled bottles to make fairy houses this could be cute too and maybe stimulate some imaginative play/ thinking Ker Daddy daughter craft

love fairies!

Create a Magical Miniature Garden

Big interest in little gardens Fairy gardens—a new take on an old favorite, the terrarium—are tiny worlds complete with miniature furnishings, fairy-scale plants and plenty of mystique.

beautiful in your garden

powder pink bike with a bicycle basket full of fresh picked bouquet of flowers that include roses - hydrangeas - lavender -sweet feminine girly treats . love the green outdoor garden


These are the most beautiful animals in the world and putting them in the garden is the awesomest thing to do I love elephants. If you have time and money go for it is all i say Garden Animals is such a good Idea. What one do you like the best from the 4

Bird Seed Wreath for my little friends...

Bird Seed Wreath

Make your feathered friends happy this spring with a pretty birdseed wreath. You can find recipes online for creating the bird seed mixture, and then it's as easily as pouring into a greased bundt pan and allowing to dry overnight.

The Monkey Orchid...what else can you say?

The Monkey Orchid Looks Like A Monkey

The beautiful "Monkey Orchid" is extremely rare, beautiful and precious. It is found in Ecuador, South America - a true gift from nature. this is awesome!

miniature garden

Have to replant my container garden this has some plant suggestions. From: studio 'g' garden design and landscape inspiration

Allium schubertii

Selections from the John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs Dutch Flower Bulbs Catalog