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a beer glass with the words preto do and an image of a female symbol
the words are written in different languages and have been painted on them with smiley faces
a cat eating food from a purple spoon with two speech bubbles above it that say, za mamniku, za tarika
an animated character with green eyes and a purple hat on, in front of a television screen
three different types of scissors with the words,'ovien na vikend '
an image of a baby crying in spanish
two bananas and grapes in a glass on a white plate with the words dolphin banana's
7 Things You Need to Know About Universal Studios Orlando FL Before You Go - Picgram
a sign with an emoticive face on it's side and words in russian
a green cartoon character holding his arms up with the words dobrou noc on it
S láskou... -__-
a happy birthday card with an image of a gnome holding a hammer
an image of a cartoon character saying happy birthday helso d'ene
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a cartoon character with a cup of coffee next to a teapot and alarm clock
an image of a little boy with a red hat on sitting down and looking at the ground
an image of a rooster saying dobre rano take sup, do toho densa neposere sam o seba
Dobré ráno! Tak šup šup, do toho! | Obrázky |
Dobré ráno! Tak šup šup, do toho!