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A father and daughter moment!

No doubt the best recent article we’ve seen on this whole “Generation Z” stuff you’ve been hearing about. Read the full (and awesome) article at Vocus. Here are some bits you’ll most appreciate as authors about reaching Generation Z readers.

Funny Photo Series Depicts Father And Daughter In Amusing Scenarios - DesignTAXI.com

Sunburn (by Dave Engledow): "Even with a private cabana, beach umbrella, sun hat, and Alice Bee to help apply sun screen, I still got completely fried at the beach." Part of the 'World's Best Father' series staring model (and daughter) Alice Bee.

urzekło mnie to zdjęcie

"My father used to do this with me when I was a baby. People always looked really anxious and asked him what he was doing. He would simply reply, "I'm teaching her to trust me.that's a cute thing for dad and daughter