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two screens showing the same city from different angles
four different pictures with the words wired, is good
W.I.K.E.D is good
a young man is sitting on the ground with an open book in his lap and looking down
Grown up actually
Don't wanna steal him from Jade but he's pretty hot❤️lol
black and white photograph of a young man holding his hair
TMR: Smutty & Clean Imagines - Newt~ Secrets || The Maze Runner
Hey, I'm Stephen. I'm a third year Hufflepuff. I was sorted into hufflepuff for my kind nature and my feeling to not anger people. I'm the seeker for hufflepuff quidditch. Um im a but quiet and stuff.... So um yeah see you! (FC: Thomas Brodie Sangster)
two people in front of a fire with their mouths open
thomas and teresa
the action scene is being filmed in several different scenes, including an image of a woman with
I'm glad she died that my bitch.. and she was supposed to be crushed by a wall
the first look at thomas winchester and his brother sam winchester, who is on the phone
It got reversed their positions I mean
several photos of people with different facial expressions
many different scenes in the same movie
The Death Cure - You can’t save everyone, Thomas. I can try.