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She didn't care what people thought. She was a free spirit and wouldn't be brought down. I remember once I had to literally pull her away from the pier that she was dying to jump off of.

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Pirelli, an Italian tire manufacturer, has had a habit of releasing an annual calendar of nude and scantily-clad women that many women have been less than happy about. This year’s calendar, however, promises to be a PR coup – instead of their usual softcore-pornographic fare, their 2016 calendar will feature thinkers, athletes, businesspeople and other inspiring elites from the world of women. Annie Leibovitz

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Ktoré knihy skutočne stoja za pozornosť? Oslovili sme 4 inšpiratívne ženy z biznisu, aby vám odporučili to najkvalitnejšie, čo ich v poslednom období zaujalo. Je celkom zaujímavé, že na rozdiel od nedávneho blogpostu o obľúbených knihách slovenských biznismenov, ženy zaujímajú aj iné témy ako biznis :)

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Ask her what she craved and she would get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music, plants and the seasons. Also freedom. | Charles Frazier

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They captured in their ramble all the mysteries and magics of a March evening. - LM Montgomery

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♡ bearstix28✧ ↠ {@idkimhungry28} ↞

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Good vibes, good energy! lesclesdelaminceur.com

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"I write what I want you to do because I know it wont ever happen in reality"

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The grass glitters with fallen sequins and grains of silver glitter...

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