Sunna - - the Norse Goddess of the Sun. Norse mythology, the Sun is female while the Moon is male.

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Norse Mythology Tattoo

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'The Morrighan' by Emily Balivet

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Slavic Goddess Morana associated with death, winter and nightmares. The tradition of burning or drowning an dummy of Morana to celebrate the end of winter is a folk custom that survives in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This ritual represents the end of the dark days of winter, the victory over death, and the welcoming of the spring rebirth.

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Chimera. One of these mythical creatures joins in the fighting towards the end of the book.

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Kali, or the dark goddess, is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess Durga. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on the chest of her husband, Shiva.

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In Norse mythology, Vör (Old Norse, possibly “the careful one,” or “aware, careful”) is a goddess associated with wisdom. Vör is attested in the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson; and twice in kennings employed in skaldic poetry. Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess

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Our great symbol for the Goddess is the moon, whose three aspects reflect the three stages in women's life ... Carol P. Christ arTist; Emily Balivet — with Astrologer Tarak Pandya,

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Isis. "I am all that is, was, or ever will be." Words of Isis inscribed at the Temple of Sais **FYI:Any comments about the name "Isis" or comments that the art isn't true to nature WILL be DELETED**

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