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Lighting 201: The Flash Modifier You Already Own

Sun + Scrim + Flash = Perfection In this article and video, I want to demonstrate how shooting with the sun, a scrim, and your flash can add a night and day difference to your photos. Don’t believe me? Check...


Weekly Photography Tips: A bag full of Lightroom 5 resources...


This is very very important and useful Tutorial. Many people wanted to delete the background of their picture, but they must be finding difficulty if picture is having Hair flying in the air and th…

"One of the most noticeable differences between portraits taken outside using natural light as opposed to artificial light is the background. Images using artificial light tend to have darker backgrounds. This is crucial in catching the eye of the viewer and allows him or her to focus on the subject. This article is a guide in achieving this look using natural light only." A Natural Light Tip That Will Have Strobists Selling Their Lights | Fstoppers


Beauty and Portraits on a Budget, this is an awesome tutorial. I am a beginner and Portraits are what I am most interested in so this was very helpful. Also anything low budget is a definite bonus :)


If you have ever wondered how to improve your outdoor portraits. Turn off your Smartphone, shuffle your schedule, and make sure you read every single word on this page. Because outdoor portrait lighting secrets will finally be revealed. Below is an example of one of my typical on-location lighting setups. It consists of a studio …

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5 Photography Hacks You MUST Try

5 Photography Hacks You MUST Try More

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Exposure Lock (AE-L Button) : How to Use the Exposure Lock

Exposure Lock (AE-L Button) is the abbreviation stands for Automatic Exposure…