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Petronel, 16. storočie

Woollen tunic with linen lining based on Herjolfsnes no. 41 (12-part-pattern widened with gussets in back and front). 23 textile buttons in the front and 16 on each sleeve.

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Buff coat (c.1630) English. From Great Hall, Littlecote House. Royal Armouries [III.1956a]

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Tri dni s polpenziou pre dvoch v trojhviezdičkovom kaštieli v srdci Slovenska medzi Zvolenom a B. Bystricou. Milkshake, fľaša sektu a dieťa do 6 rokov zdarma. 16. storočie spojené s komfortom a službami súčasnosti pre všetky romantické duše. / Vlkanová

Two German halberds. Late 16th early 17th century.

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2. Tiberius Julius Caesar - He was the second emperor of Rome. Born in 42 BCE and the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. But when his mother married Augustus in 38 BCE Tiberius became his adopted son. At age 31, Tiberius, divorced his wife Vipsania Agrippina at his stepfather's insistence and married Julia the daughter of Augustus.

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Gustav Adolf's buffcoat.

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Breitenfeld 1631

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