Minerva (Athena), Roman statue (marble) copy, 1st century AD / 1st century BC (original 4th c. BC), (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

Greek Mythology - The 12 Olympians

Mattei Athena wearing a himation, century AD Roman copy of a century BC Greek original attributed to Cephisodotos or Euphranor, the Louvre/ An architechture piece, she is wearing a draped garment. Very lose fitted.

Silver Celtic Iceni unit. Britain, 1st century A.D. The Iceni were a British…

Silver Celtic Iceni from century. The Iceni were a British tribe around Norfolk.

A ROMAN GLASS RIBBED BOWL  - c. 1st century B.C. - 1st century A.D.    Source: Christies

A ROMAN GLASS RIBBED BOWL CIRCA CENTURY CENTURY A. Pale blue-green in color, the hemispherical bowl cast with twenty-two vertical ribs, the interior with two shallow wheel-cut grooves in the middle of the wall, on a flat base 5 in.

Sarmatian Diadem from Khokhlach Burial Mound, near Novocherkassk 1st century AD Gold, garnet, glass, turquoise, almandine, pearls L 61 cm, h (with a frieze) 15 cm. The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.

Sarmatian Gold Diadem with Garnet, Glass, Almandine, Pearls, and Turquoise; From the Khokhlach Burial Mound century AD

ancientjewels: “Ancient Greek necklace with inlaid stones and a butterfly pendant. Dates to the late 2nd - 1st century BCE and featuring inlays of amethyst, chalcedony, emerald, crystal, pearl, and glass. From the collection of the Walters Art...

ancientpeoples: “ Necklace with Butterfly Pendant Hellenistic Greek Century BC Elaborate diadems or necklaces featuring centerpieces of inlaid stones, pendants, and beaded chains go back to.

Gold Bracelet  1st century B.C.     From Realms Of Gold The Novel

Spiral bracelet in gold with twin zoomophic end century BCE). Artifact of high goldsmith's art discovered in a burial site near the village of Verkhneye Pogromnoye, Lower Volga, Volgograd Region (Russia) -- Hermitage Museum

Bronze statuette of a horse, Late Hellenistic Period, late 2nd-1st century B.C..  Greek

Bronze statuette of a horse Period: Late Hellenistic Date: late century B. direct lost-wax casting Dimensions: H. cm) Classification: Bronzes Credit Line: Fletcher Fund, 1923 Accession Number:

Ear pendant with riders. Sirkap, Taxila, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province 1st century CE (Gandhara Culture). Gold and turquoise. H. 4 5/16 in.

Sirkap, Taxila, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province - Ear pendant with riders, century AD - Gold and turquoise. National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi

Glass gold-band mosaic bottle Period: Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian Date: 1st half of 1st century A.D. Culture: Roman Medium: Glass; cast and blown, and cut Dimensions: H. 2 in. (5.1 cm.) Classification: Glass

Glass gold-band mosaic bottle Period: Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian Date: half of century A. cast and blown, and cut Dimensions: H.) Classification: Glass Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1906

Nose ornament with spiders, 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D.  Peru; Salinar (?)  Gold

Nose Ornament with Spiders Date: century BCE – century CE Geography: Peru Culture: Salinar (?) Medium: Gold Dimensions: H. x x Classification: Metal-Ornaments

Roman fresco depicting a stilt, from the peristyle (peristylum) of a house in Vienna, 1st century AD, Musée gallo-romain de Saint Romain en Gal | da Following Hadrian

lionofchaeronea: A stilt (water bird). Fresco from the peristylum of a Roman villa in ancient Vienna = present-day Vienne, France. Now in the Musée gallo-romain de Saint Romain en Gal, Vienne.