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Sans Xerif logo

Béla Lajos || BL || LB || #logo #process #identity

Béla Lajos personal logo - behance This clever logo is just made up of shapes but it makes an illusion of the letter 'B'.

Logo Modernism, a new Taschen book out next month by German graphic designer Jens Müller, is a brilliant catalogue of 6,000 trademarks from 1940–1980  ...

Logo Modernism Is a Brilliant Catalog of What Good Corporate Logo Design Looks Like

Logo Modernism, a new Taschen book out next month by German graphic designer Jens Müller, is a brilliant catalogue of trademarks from .

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Great Type, Lettering & Calligraphy Designs

Great use of loose tracking in this logotype. The kerning in this logotype is…

I cannot not mark this as a brilliant little piece. Lot's always to say for simplicity, but this is also a tricky combination of clever and understandable.


Distinctiveness I think this is a good logo because it's simple. It reflects distinctiveness because other logos would use a drop shadow to make there logos pop but this logo uses the drop shadow to make a second letter

Abstract Connect - Link Technology Logo Template Vector EPS, AI #design #logotype Download:

Abstract Connect - Link Technology

Another one that doesn't work as a logo, I like the idea of visually communicating depth.

Great 3D logos for your inspiration

COMMENT: Inspiration for the different types of effects I wanted to use on my Logo.

Le nice.

A logo is some visual representation of your business, and it's a must for any…