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Great 3D logos for your inspiration

Another one that doesn't work as a logo, I like the idea of visually communicating depth.

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Clean Logo Design By Josip Kelava LOVE that it's simple, readable, and 3-dimensional, but it's 3-D nature is not what stands out first.

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nice 3-d photoshop paradox shapes

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Like how the even the more simple type has dimension to it, and then how the ribbon type is so interactive. May be able to utilize the more simple part for my logo

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VVISS / WIP logo by Martin Gross

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Nike Hyper Dunk - Designed by Alex Trochut

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_3 D yet 2 D all at the same time _Could use a grid shape and spell out letters with it using the lines

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The cut paper folding style is really cool. Using the grayscale and 3-d elements help make this design good.

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very cool 3 d look

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Amazing new logo for Channel 4's new channel. In my head it starts off front on (invisible), then turns to the left revealing the shadow.

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