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Excellent Online Book - FREE -Therese Dillmont's Drawn Thread Work available on Antique Pattern Library.  needlenthread.com

Excellent Drawn Thread Embroidery Book – Free Online

Drawn thread tutorial                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Basic Drawn Thread Work

Drawn Thread Embroidery on Whitework Sampler

Drawn Thread: Tutorial on Reweaving the Edges

Drawn thread work (via Stacy Mishina, Embroidery: Retichello / Hemstitch / drawn thread / Needle lace | Мережка)
Drawn Thread Embroidery Tutorials – Needle’nThread.com

Drawn Thread Embroidery Tutorials

Drawn Thread
this is Spanish lace the website shows how to do the weaver manipulated lace…
Interesting web site for Punto Antico/ Drawn-Thread Work.  Also has some instructions for some of the stitches