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Abbie Cornish ...... In 2004, Cornish appeared in the award-winning short film Everything Goes with Hugo Weaving.

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We LOVE Abbie Cornish - #embellishment #classicbeauty #saboskirt

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Abbie Cornish for Australian Vogue 2009

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Abbie Cornish Stuns for Lifestyle Mirror Shoot by Frankie Batista

Abbie Cornish (34)Inspiration for Photography Midwest

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Abbie Cornish Ponytail

Glamorous Abbie Cornish... Magnificent Hairstyles... Cornish received critical acclaim for her role in Candy (2006), opposite Heath Ledger.

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Abbie Cornish (1982) Beautiful ❤️Australian Actress

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Poshly exhilarating Abbie Cornish ...Select Beauty... She starred as Christie Roberts in A Good Year (2006)

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Abbie Cornish ...... She grew up on a 70-hectare (170-acre) farm, attended Catholic school, and was fascinated by independent and foreign films

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