Fairest by Adam Hughes

Am I the master of the harem, or its slave? (Artist is Adam Hughes. Cover is from Fairest.

*High Grade* (W) Adam Hughes (A/CA) Adam Hughes It's Betty vs. Veronica! The…

Betty & Veronica #1

DC Comics unveils full list of Watchmen prequels

DC Comics unveils full list of Watchmen prequels

Have we taken a look down there recently? No one goes to Disneyland anymore, because they can't afford a vacation. Everyone's living moments away from broke, and can't pay off past debt, let alone save up for a rainy day. And bean counters are having to invent new and ridiculous ways to profit off the inability to pay off debt.  These are all problems stemming from a lack of cash flow. More cash flow is better, less is worse.

Adam Hughes Catwoman.

Catwoman Celebration of 75 Years HC: (W) Bill Finger & Various (A) Bob Kane & Various. Selina Kyle gets her due in this new collection celebrating her