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Air Plants: Care and Styling

Air Plants: Learn how to care for air plants and get ideas for incorporating them into your home decor.

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Air Plant (Tillandsia) Care Infographic: Are your air plants dying? Did you know that air plants DO need water? The misconception that they feed off the air is the most common reason they start to fade and die. Learn this and more pro tips to grow and care for air plants, aka Tillansia or Tillys. Follow this easy guide to keeping your air plants in peak condition.

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How to Revive a Sick Air Plant

How to water and revive a sick air plant

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How to create an air plant terrarium

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6 Creative Ideas For Displaying Air Plants In Your Home

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Air Plants

Air Plants: Set Up and Care for People who Kill Plants. They are REALLY REALLY EASY! And really really pretty. The perfect thoughtful gift for a gardener.

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7 DIY Air Plant Holder Round Up - Hello Luvvy

7 DIY Air Plant Holder Round Up - Hello Luvvy

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Air Plant Care 101

Air plants (also known as tillies, or tillandsias, after their genus name) can be tricky to keep alive. Well-intentioned lovers of these plants might mistake “no soil” for “no water,” which isn’t the case. “Air plant” does not mean “breatharian of the plant world.” Get all the tips here:

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Terrarium Planter // Fall Home Decor

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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