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The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed first found in Turkmenistan. Their main feature is the distinct coat that gleams and this is also what distinguishes them from the other horse breeds.

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cremello akhal teke More

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If I wasn't a total City-lover, I'd have one of these horses. <3 Akhal-Teke is such a cool breed!

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Akhal Teke, Pamel-Kan - Farm stud DACOR

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Akhal-Teke... makes me think of what the horses in the book The Scorpio Races would look like

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Wow (Love the dark horse with light eye -- would be good for just knight/female warrior on horse, or Famine (?))

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A silver-colored Akhal Teke. I cannot actually say what color this is. Probably a gray with a lovely phase of getting white. I would like to know the name of the horse, if I could find some info about its pedigree or something.

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The Akhal-Teke horse breed from Turkmenistan are so exotic looking, they have a softness to them but look fierce.

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The Akhal-Teke may look delicate, but it was bred for sport and endurance runs in the harsh deserts of Turkmenistan, where water and food are scarce.The Akhal-Teke is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, a descendant of the Nicean horse, and ancient to its home in Turkmenistan, where its shimmering coat blends in well with its desert surroundings.

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What are you doing in the snow you silly Akhal Teke. you belong in the desert!

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