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A Positive Discipline solution about what to do when your child is being disrespectful and back talks.
Positive Discipline: 10 Tactics That Work (Spanking Not Included)
I'm pinning this so I have it for later. It's a chart where the mom gets to choose the severity of the punishment and the kid gets to choose how to get there... Love it!
Love these tips -  so helpful! Ten skills  I'm definitely teaching my kid today. They're so cute, I'm even hanging them on fridge!
CRETE DAY 2- Another colored chart describing the difference between discipline and punishment. Reactive vs. proactive
5 Best Ways To Handle Bad Behaviour + Infographic #infographic #discipline #parenting

5 Best Ways To Handle Bad Behaviour + Infographic

Toy Time-Out!  Brilliant!  Download this free printable too!  I love this direction of parenting, with child discipline! http://fantabulosity.com

Toy Time Out - A Positive Parenting Tip for Toddlers

dealing with defiant or stubborn children infographic
Discipline ideas that are often more effective than spanking--and that make the "punishment" fit the "crime"

10 Ways to Discipline Your Child without Spanking

How to Discipline a Child With ADHD (with Pictures)

Discipline a Child With ADHD