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Hnevajú vás škaredé mapy od soli na topánkach? Super trik, ako sa ich účinne a jednoducho zbaviť |


5 druhov ženského bruška - a ako sa ho zbaviť |

Aj vás na smrť vydesili osy a sršne? Už viac nebudú! 5 zaručených tipov, ako sa ich zbaviť |

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Ako sa zbaviť tmavých kruhov pod očami

Usmiata žena si aplikuje na tvár očný krém

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Ako sa zbaviť celulitídy

Ako sa zbaviť celulitídy via @akademiakrasy

Declutter before Christmas!!! 60 Things to Toss Out in the Next 60 Days on Monogrammed Magnolias as a part of the #Toss60 challenge just in time for spring cleaning.


Tidy home, tidy mind. Clean house, clean head. You have probably heard variations of these sayings before. But you may have never fully realized what decluttering the house can really do for your mind. Throwing away old things is a powerful way to give your mind clarity, focus, peace and balance. Without even noticing it [...]

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How to Declutter Your Entire Home in One Weekend (or Less)!

YES, it is actually possible to declutter your entire home in ONE weekend! These step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow and will show you exactly how to declutter your whole house this weekend! Plus there's even a free decluttering planner included. There's really no excuse not to get your home decluttered and under control! |

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How to Organize Every Space in Your House

Love her simple system for organizing any space in the house! This makes so much sense! Click through to get all of her organization tips and tricks!

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Declutter. Wow these are so good! Do YOU have any great questions you ask yourself to help get rid if clutter? If so, what are they?