Alexander the great

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Alexander the Great Quotes | Macedonia the ancient kingdom of Greece (Hellas) "OBAMA LEADING AMERICA, what a F'ing JOKE"!!! "FOLLOWING FROM THE FRONT, LEADING FROM BEHIND"!!! "GOD HELP US ALL"!!!

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..........On his death bed, Alexander summoned his generals and told them his 3 final wishes: 1. The best doctors should carry his coffin 2. The wealth he has accumulated (money, gold, precious sto...

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Alexander the Great Quote: “There is Nothing Impossible To Him Who Will Try.”

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Alexander the Great, depicting expressions of Alexander though in reality he may not have looked this way. a flatteed depiction but the expression shows a man a restless spirit, shown through raided eyebrows and lively expression. emotion depicts character

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I pined this because of the interesting facts that Alexander the Great had requested before his death.

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alexander the great quotes, life quotes, best quotes, general quotes

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Colin Farrell in Alexander (2004) as Alexander the Great. He was a real person but i still put him in my board. Colin Farrel as Alexander the Great in the movie Alexander 2004 riding his horse Bucephalus.

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Alexander's phalanx of Elite Hypaspist. When Alexander crossed to Asia in 334 BCE he had with him three battalions of hypaspists, each of 1,000 men. Their overall commander was Nicanor, son of Parmenion. Nicanor died (of natural causes) in 330 BCE; Alexander appointed Seleucusas their new commander.

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Alexander's Lion Helm. Copy of the golden lion head helmet of Alexander the Great as it is depicted at the Sarcophagus of Sidon - Lebanon.

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Have archaeologists discovered the grave of Alexander the Great? Experts find enormous marble tomb fit for a king under a massive mound in Greece Archaeologists have uncovered what could be the grave of Alexander the Great at a site near ancient Amphipolis, 370 miles north of Athens Site archaeologist Aikaterini Peristeri has voiced hopes of finding 'a significant individual or individuals' within

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