Alice Cooper first at a Windsor high school, then Cobo Arena, Detroit, in 1973 - Billion $ Babies Tour Setlist Hello Hooray  (Judy Collins cover) Billion Dollar Babies  Elected  I'm Eighteen  Raped and Freezin'  No More Mr. Nice Guy  My Stars  Unfinished Sweet  Night on Bald Mountain  (Modest Mussorgsky song) Sick Things  Dead Babies  I Love the Dead  Night on Bald Mountain  (Modest Mussorgsky song) School's Out  Encore: Under My Wheels  God Bless America .

Alice Cooper released "Killer," which featured singles "Under My Wheels" and "Be My Lover.

Alice Cooper. °<3

One of the coolest guys in the world. My most favorite rock legend, Alice Cooper!

alice cooper | Alice Cooper is living proof of shock's value - The Paramus Post ...

ALICE COOPER Alice Cooper is the father of shock rock and he's talking about how things used to be when he started performing.

In case you didn't know Alice is a christian...his testimony is on youtube...riveting and should not be what is on the outside that counts - what is in the soul is what counts.

I have interviewed rock stars and only dream to chat with ALiCE someday