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#no se que poner esto explica algo pero yo no lo encuentro

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Anime Angel Girl Render by on @deviantART

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anime girl with wings trapped in a cage

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Hey hier anime Fans ich wollte euch fragen wenn euch das Bild gefällt und mindestens 20 geteilt wird will ich das Bild versuchen zu Zeichen wenn ich fertig bin stelle ich es hier rein unter Meine Zeichnungen okay

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Hot anime guy with wings, who chained this guy up?? He looks so innocent! Lol

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(Open rp, be him please) I stare at the mirror in horror. "No, no, not now, please, anytime but now," I say frantically. Mirrors always show when I'm about to switch. I turn around quickly at the sound of a door opening. "A-Aaron? What are you d-doing in here?" I want him out, out before it starts again. He walks over to the mirror next to me and looks at it. "Gail," he turns me around and I see the reflection. My jaw drops; in the mirror, Aaron looks exactly like I do - he has wings too…

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COM: SilverAngel907 outfit by on @DeviantArt

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BTEC Level 2 MANGA art course. Study ONLINE Limited Places Apply now!

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man, this is perfect. this could have so many storylines and so many pro/an/tagonists for it. also so many powers. this. is. great.

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Oh! He finally got my letter! I really hope he responds... >////////< V

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