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#Silverhair #Animeguy #Hot

#Silverhair #Animeguy #Hot

He's a little dangerous but he's very cool!

" He yells at you. "But, you got hurt, (choose name)!" You yell back. If that raiding party comes back, I'll give 'em their money's worth!

I'm still wondering why you always cared about me when i'm not really care about you?

Goddammit why are anime boys so attractive I thought I was over them

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Xavier // 19 // Calm serious collected hates those that hurt girls protective // modeling

Oikawa Tooru (Aoba Johsai) | Haikyuu! #hq

녹시[nok*cy][ノクシ] on

Read Oikawa-Sempai from the story Random Haikyuu Stuff by (☆*:. Mainly dedicated to OikawaT.

He looks like Jumin!!!

Dallas Underwood Youngest billionaire​ in America at 24 Secretly attempting to find out the leader of the gang

Kisaragi Shintaro

Kisaragi Shintaro