Introducing her Royal Highness, Princess Anna of Arendelle. << The picture of sophisticated graaace! {{haha! Pinning for the comment! <3

This is a still from the scene where Anna meets Hans. Right here she's saying: "If you had bumped into my sister Elsa, it would be, yeeesh!" She's so adorable. I love Anna so much. from Frozen

Sisters @Jess Pearl Liu Haugen  @Madelaine Cooper Cooper Haugen

Elsa shows her feelings at the end of the movie cuz her sister turned into ice and only sister love can cure a frozen heart.

Disney princess Anna is on the way lol:)

Frozen Anna Cosplay So excited! Disney is coming out with a new movie called Frozen! It's being done by the creators of Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled so you just know its gonna be bomb! :D

These are Janelle(left) and Erin(right) Janelle is very girly  and has a lot of friends. While Erin blends into the background but is still very outgoing. Please adopt. Best friends!!

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